Tornado Fries

Delivery Take Away

Tornado Fries is a rapidly growing fast food cum fry shop that serves a wide variety of premium quality Fries, Burgers, Donuts and other savouries in an upbeat and friendly atmosphere.

Tornado Fries is conveniently located in Islamabad’s popular upscale area of Bahria Town, with its first branch located at the centre of Phase 4 and the second one at Phase 7.

Whether you choose to go with the loopy or the straight-cut variety, no fry will ever be the same once you add any of our mouthwatering condiments – BBQ, Mayo Garlic, Thousand Islands, Chilli Garlic, Mustard and Cheddar. Because variety is truly the spice of life and familiarity the sugar, Tornado Fries has carefully crafted a menu inviting enough to entice first time customers yet diverse enough to encourage repeat business.

Serving more than just fries, our menu features items not offered anywhere else like French Fries Burger, Chicken Cheese and Mini Donuts as well as spiral-cut potato on a stick. Although our menu is predominantly potato-based, we do serve a variety of Burgers and Chickens to make for a meal. To ensure maximum flavor, everything is made fresh to order from our premium quality imported raw material and packaged to compliment the snacking habits of the on-the-go lifestyle.


Tornado Fries:
Juicy Burgers, fries with bbq, mayo and thousand island